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This blog is a business and an online journal of my favorite things. I will never talk about or recommend a product that I do not use, stand by or love 100%. Each post is filled with products that I genuinely love and that I feel would benefit my audience. Opinions are subjective and everyone will not like or love the same products as much as I do and that’s okay. All I ask that you are respectful and kind while encountering opinions that are different from your own. This is a location for us to bask in the fun of beauty products, food and lifestyle inspiration. Please be nice to one another and treat each other how you would want to be treated.


Disclosure Policy

In 2009 the FTC or Federal Trade Commission updated and revised their policies here in order to protect consumers from intentionally misleading advertising or statements that has been paid for by a company. This blog is a business and a source of income for me that may feature affiliate links, sponsorships, and endorsements. I will only mention products that I stand by and feel may benefit my audience. I will never try to make a quick buck and talk about something that I don’t love at my audience’s expense. I know that trust is earned and I will not jeopardize the trust you have given me. I will always give my honest opinion whether or not I am being compensated by a company or group. My goal is to deliver fun, interesting, helpful and sometimes punny (funny puns) content that will benefit my readers.
I love and appreciate and every one of you guys and I will not compromise my integrity and reputation by tricking or deceiving you for the sake of money. I will always be upfront and honest and if affiliate links, endorsements or sponsorships are used they will be disclosed at the beginning of each post.


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This blog will not share any of your personal information with third parties or store any information about your visit to this blog. Through cookies I can optimize and analyze your content and reading experiences on this site.

You are fully able to turn off cookies at any time if you change your settings based on whichever browser you choose to use.

I am not responsible if other websites or blogs republish content from this blog without my permission.

I use third-party advertising agencies that provide ads when readers visit the blog. The advertising companies may use aggregated data that will not include personal information like (names, email addresses, home addresses or telephone numbers). This information about your visits to this website will be used to provide ads on goods and services that will interest you. 

This privacy policy is subject to change without notice and was last updated August of 2017. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns that you would like me to address please feel free to contact me.