Meet Miracle

Sup, yo! I’m Miracle, yes that is my real name (you wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve been asked that) the girl behind Life’s a Miracle. I am so excited that you decided to stop by. 

   Now that you have stopped by my humble internet abode, there are just a couple of things I want you to know about me: As far as I’m concerned peanut butter and chocolate are a match made in heaven, and in my book there’s no such thing as too much of either of them. I laugh uncontrollably at puns and corny jokes way more than I probably should, I think that’s how I got my nickname Gigglez. Lastly, I’m an only child, but before you start feeling sorry for me don’t worry because I have three crazy awesome unbiological sisters that constantly keep me on my toes.

    I started this blog as a creative outlet for my combined love of writing, photography and food. So don’t be a stranger, follow me on my other social media platforms and head over to my contact page to get in touch with me. Thanks for stopping by and I really look forward to hearing from you!